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WOD Teens

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Tuesday, July 23

Warm up: 10 squats -> Bar traverse 5 burpees -> Agility ladder 50 m run -> 10 sit ups Broad jumps -> 5 hand stand kick ups   Skill: Power cleans   WOD: 3 min. AMRAP 7 power cleans 7 push ups 7 toes to bar Rest 2 minutes and repeat   Skill: Kettle bell hell &
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Monday, July 22

Warm up: Mixed Tabata: Squats, Push ups, Tuck jumps, Suicides   Skill: Burgener warm up   WOD: 5 rounds: 7 hang power snatch 7 burpees Run 100 m   Skill: Max height box jump
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Thursday, July 18

Warm up: 200m forward 200m backward 20 circle steps 20 squats 2o toes to bar   Skill: Wall ball   WOD: AMRAP in 7 min. 3 pull ups 5 burpees 7 wall ball   Skill: Banded sprints        
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Wednesday, July 17

Warm up: 2x through: 2 forward rolls 10 push ups -> bear crawl 10 situps -> roving plank 10 squats -> crab walk   Skill: Over head squats   WOD: Lil Nancy 5 rounds 15 over head squats 200m run   Skill: Skin the cat  
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Tuesday, July 16

Warm up: Tabata push up, knees to elbow, squat, squat thrust, sit up, grass hopper, jump rope, box jumps   Skill: Med ball clean   WOD: 3 rounds 5 renegade row 9 med ball cleans 9 pull ups 400m run   Skill: Agility ladder
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Monday, July 15

Warm up: Bar traverse -> 10 squats Jog 100m -> 10 push ups 3 forward rolls -> 5 toes to bar   Skill: Front squat   WOD: 21-15-9 Front squats Burpees   Skill: max hang squat clean x3 reps
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Thursday, July 11

Warm up: 1 cargo net climb 2x 30 seconds each Jump rope Push up Squat Box jump   Skill: Dumbbell snatch   WOD: 3 rounds for time 200m farmer walk 20 kettle bell swings 12 dumbbell snatch   Skill: Push up vs. hollow hold
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Wednesday, July 10

Warm up: Crossfit warm up x2   Skill: Row   WOD: Teams of 2: Row 2000 meters 100 double unders 80 wall ball 100 push ups * One person working at a time   Skill: Skin the cat    
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Tuesday, July 9

Warm up: 10 sit ups -> bar traverse 5 burpees -> broad jump 10 jumping lunges -> inch worm 5 toes to bar -> roving plank   Skill: Deadlift   WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift burpee   Skill: 3 rep. max power clean  
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