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WOD Teens

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Teens: 15 December, 2014

Warm Up: 3 Rounds: 30 seconds each of –> Wall Ball –> Double Unders –> Plank Hold Skill: Hang Squat Clean Workout: 7 Min AMRAP of: 8 Toes to Bar 10 Hang Squat Clean 12 Lunge Steps Skill: Superman/Hollow Rolls
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Teens: 11 December, 2014

Warm Up: Medicine Ball Warm Up Skill: Clean and Jerk Workout: 10 Rounds for time of: 5 Clean and Jerk 3 Pull Ups Row 100m Skill: Mobility
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Teens: 10 December, 2014

Warm Up: 5 Super Slow Squats->Inch Worm->10 Push Ups->Lunge Walk->15 Sit Ups->Burpee Broad Jump Skill: Superman / Hollow – rolls and rocks Workout: EMOM x 10 mins of: 3 Box Jumps 6 KB Swing 9 Air Squats Skill: Row vs Handstand Hold
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Teens: 9 December, 2014

Warm Up: AMRAP at a warm up pace of: 5 Super Slow Squats -> 10 Kipping Swings -> Lunge Walk -> 5 Burpees -> Broad Jump -> 10 Toes to Bar -> Inch Worm -> 10 Tuck Jumps Skill: Over Head Squats Workout: 21-15-9 reps for time of: Over Head Squats Double Unders KB Sumo
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Teens: 8 December, 2014

Warm Up: Mixed Tabata: Tuck Jumps, Squat Thrusts, Lunge Walk, Push UPs, Squats, Sit Ups, Jumping Jacks, Plank Hold Skill: Hang Power Snatch Workout: 8min AMRAP in teams of 4: Row 200m (time keeper) Hang Power Snatch Sit Ups Burpees Skill: Take 10 mins to establish 5RM Front Squat
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Teens: 4 December, 2014

Warm Up: Mixed Tabata of: Super Slow Squats, Sit Ups, Burpees, Handstand Kick Ups Skill: Hang Squat Clean Workout: Death By of: Hang Squat Clean (Odds) Push Ups (Evens) Skill: Bottom to Bottom Tabata Overhead Squats
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Teens: 3 December, 2014

Warm Up: 10 Squats –> Inch Worm 10 Push Ups –> Lunge Steps 10 Sit Ups –> Broad Jump 10 Kipping Swings –> Jog back Skill: Pull Up Workout: 12 min AMRAP – In teams of 3 Partner 1: 1 Round of “Cindy” (5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squat
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Teens: 2 December, 2014

Warm Up: Medicine Ball Warm Up Skill: Power Snatch Workout: 21-15-9 Reps for time of: Power Snatch Wall Ball Skill: 3x Max Toes to Bar
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Teens: 1 December, 2014

Warm Up: Run 400m –> Tabata (2 cycles each): Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbers   Skill: Kettle Bell Swing   Workout: AMRAP in 7 mins of: 5 Handstand Kick Ups 10 KB Swings 15 Gobblet Squats 20 Lateral Hops Over KB   Skill: Top of Dip Hold vs. Sit
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