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Pre-K: October 11, 2016

Skill work: Box squat: Focus on heels down and hips back Warm up: Shuttle fun: Choose 5yd or 1oyd out and back distance to move in as many different ways as possible (run, bunny hop, gallop, bear crawl, etc) WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 3 Box step ups/jump downs 3 Box squat
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Pre-K: October 6, 2016

Skill work: Knees in – Knees out Warm up: Skip to my Lou: While the music is playing, skip in a circle around the cones.  When the music stops, Freeze and then do 3 Squats. WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 3 Giant steps (lunges) 3 Squats 3 Donkey kicks Game!
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Pre-K: October 4, 2016

Skill work: Super glue your heels Warm up: 3 Rounds 1 Forward roll -> 5 yd Bear crawl -> 3 Knee ups -> Agility ladder WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 3 Squats 3 Push press Crazy run around the cones Game!
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In October, the Kids Skill Focus is the SQUAT

In CrossFit we love to talk about functional, foundational movements because they are such an integral part of the way we move our bodies throughout our daily existence.  As adults, we frequently have to exert considerable effort into learning how to squat correctly.  Meanwhile, very
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Pre-K: September 29, 2016

Skill work: Skipping skills Warm up: Simon Says WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of Skip 10 yds 2 Push ups 4 Box jumps Game: End of the month – Kids choice!
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Pre-K: September 27, 2016

 Skill work: Plank -> Superman -> plank (aka Hand release push ups) Warm up: Switch sides: Divide the group in half and line them up facing each other on opposite sides of the room.  Select a way to cross the space and call “switch!” to signal them to switch sides. R
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Pre-K: September 22, 2016

Skill work: 3 Rounds Roving Plank under the PVC (perched between boxes) Roving Stinkbug over the KB Warm up: Move around the cones and FREEZE! WOD: Set up 3 cones in a triangle ~5 yes apart and complete as many rounds as possible in a given amount of time of Stinkbug -> Bear crawl
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Pre-K: September 20, 2016

Skill work: Plank up downs: Start in the plank position on hands.  On the command “down”, lower to elbows.  On the command “up”, return to hands. Warm up: Follow the Leader WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 3 Monkey slides 3 Push ups 3 Squats Game!
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Pre-K: September 15, 2016

Skill work: Wheelbarrow walk Warm up: 2 Rounds of 10 sec moving/10 sec rest Squats Jumping jacks Mountain climbers WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 5 Knee ups Hoop hops (in and out of the hoop) 3 Push ups Game!
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