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In June, the Kids Skill Focus is the PULL UP

Being able to pull your body up to (and potentially over) something is a key element to not only fitness but survival, especially if you like to get outside and play a bit.  This month in our Kids & Pre-K classes, we will be focusing on building the fundamental body awareness, sho
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Summer Schedule for Youth Programs

This year we will not be switching to a Summer Schedule for our youth classes.  All classes will remain in the afternoon per the Youth CrossFit Class Schedule.
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In May, the Kids Skill Focus is THROWING & CATCHING

While much of our time during CrossFit Kids classes is spent learning how to move our bodies through time and space, this month we are going to focus on how to use our bodies to move an object (or stop it from moving) with accuracy.  While throwing and catching are not part of the  9
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Youth Programs are taking a Spring Break

There will be no youth classes (Pre-K, Kids, Pre-teens, Teens, or Teens Weight Lifting) April 3-7 due to Spring Break for Montrose Public Schools.
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In April, the Kids Skill Focus is the SQUAT

In CrossFit we love to talk about functional, foundational movements because they are such an integral part of the way we move our bodies throughout our daily existence.  As adults, we frequently have to exert considerable effort into learning how to squat correctly.  Meanwhile, very
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In March, the Kids Skill Focus is the PUSH UP

So much of what we do in CrossFit, or any movement task for that matter, requires good stabilization of the middle of our bodies so that we can move efficiently with the arms and legs.  Working on “plank” and subsequently, the push up, is a very effective way to develop bo
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In February, the CrossFit Kids Skill Focus is TUMBLING

We spend a lot of time in CrossFit Kids prepping them for how to move their bodies purposefully at body weight and eventually under load.  This month we are going to work on some basic gymnastic skills: rolls, cartwheels, & handstands in an effort to build the balance, flexibility
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In January, the Kids Skill Focus is the DEADLIFT

The Deadlift is one of CrossFit’s foundational movements and quite frankly one of life’s most functional movements.  It’s a fancy name for “picking things up” (and heres the important part) correctly.  This month, the Kids class and Pre-K class at Agoge w
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Pre-K: December 27, 2016

Skill work: Headers Warm up: Follow the leader WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 4 Jumping squats 4 Wallabies 1 Shuttle run Game!
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