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Pre-K: September 21, 2017

Skill work: Straddle stands: Kick up to a handstand on the wall (with assistance if needed) and then slowly let your feet slide out to the sides.   Warm up: Freeze Tag! WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 2 Cartwheels 4 Box jumps 6yd Roving plank Game!
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Pre-K: September 19, 2017

Skill work: Basket holds: With or without False Grip, hang from the rings with your body pulled up into a tuck position.  How long can you hold it? Warm up: 3 Rounds 10 sec Squats 10 sec Plank games 10 sec Jumping jacks WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 5 Front Squats 5 Kip swin
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Pre-K: September 14, 2017

Skill work: Warrior Pose: Lets work on getting our legs in line for cartwheels Warm up: Mixed Tabata WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time of 3 Squats 1 Cartwheel 3 Rope jumps Game!
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Pre-K: September 7, 2017

Skill work: Rock and roll: Start on feet, crouched in a ball with arms wrapped around legs. Tuck chin to your chest, rock back to shoulders. Try to keep chin tucked and arms around legs the whole time. Warm up: 3 Rounds 3 box climb overs -> 5yd Line hop -> 5 yd Roving plank ->
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Pre-K: September 5, 2017

Skill work: Forward Roll review: Head, hands, knees, and toes on the floor. Lift knees and look at belly button (tuck chin). Walk feet forward until you roll over. Warm up: Farmers & Lumberjacks: Spread a bunch of tall traffic cones (trees) around the workout space.   Assign half
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In September, the CrossFit Kids Skill Focus is TUMBLING

We spend a lot of time in CrossFit Kids prepping them for how to move their bodies purposefully at body weight and eventually under load.  This month we are going to work on some basic gymnastic skills: rolls, cartwheels, & handstands in an effort to build the balance, flexibility
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Pre-K: August 31, 2017

Skill work/Warm up: “Angry Gorilla” Relay WOD: CrossFit Baseball: Place a low box or plate stack at each base.  How many runs can you score?  Use the following movements to travel between bases and complete your best “Angry Gorilla” on top of the box at each ba
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Pre-K: August 29, 2017

Skill work: Heel balance: Practice your “angry gorillas” with your toes hanging off a bumper plate or rubber square.  Make sure you super glue your heels to the ground! Warm up: Skip to my Lou WOD: AMRAP in given amount of time of 5 Rope jumps 3 Angry Gorillas 1 Log roll (
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Pre-K: August 24, 2017

Skill work: Angry Gorilla Parade Warm up: Tunnel Tag WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time 3 Angry Gorillas 6 Handstand kick ups Run 30 yds Game!
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