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WOD Kids

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Kids: September 5, 2017

Warm up:    Farmers & Lumberjacks: Spread a bunch of tall traffic cones (trees) around the workout space.   Assign half the class to be Farmers, who work to keep the cones upright (plant trees) and the other half of the class to be Lumberjacks who tip over the cones (cut down tree
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In September, the CrossFit Kids Skill Focus is TUMBLING

We spend a lot of time in CrossFit Kids prepping them for how to move their bodies purposefully at body weight and eventually under load.  This month we are going to work on some basic gymnastic skills: rolls, cartwheels, & handstands in an effort to build the balance, flexibility
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Kids: August 31, 2017

Warm up: Mixed Tabata Skill work: “Perfect” Deadlift Relay: Divide the group up into 2-3 teams and place two cones approximately 10m apart for each team.  One at a time, athletes run from one cone to the other and perform the very best Deadlift they are capable of using a
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Kids: August 30, 2017

Warm up: 3 Rounds             3 Cartwheels -> 5 Inch worms -> Monkey hangs (3 on each side) -> zig zag high knee skip Skill work: Rope climbs WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time 15 Jumping jacks 10 Deadlifts 5 Toes to bar Game!
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Kids: August 29, 2017

Warm up: Switch Sides: Divide the group in half and line them up facing each other on opposite sides of the room.  Select a way to cross the space and call “switch!” to signal them to switch sides. Repeat with as many different movements as you can think of. Skill work: He
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Kids: August 28, 2017

Warm up: Tunnel Tag Skill work: Partner Sandbag deadlifts WOD: AMRAP in a given amount of time, ascending by 2s each round Deadlift Handstand kick ups Game!
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Kids: August 24, 2017

Warm up: 400m Skill Run: Run 400m with stops every 50-100m to perform 5-10 reps of various exercises (Squats, Plank hold, Jumping Jacks, etc.) Recommend this activity is Trainer led. Skill work: Knees behind the PVC: Set a PVC pipe in J-hooks several inches off the ground (at or below
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Kids: August 23, 2017

Warm up: Steve Says: Set up a circle of cones in the middle of the room and kids start the game by running around the cones.  At the call “FREEZE!”, everyone stops and then a location and movement are called out.  The kids go to that location in the room and perform the stated repetit
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Kids: August 22, 2017

Warm up: Tabata: Jump rope & Alternating T-Plank Skill work: Angry Gorilla Parade: Starting in the “Angry gorilla” position, walk hands forward followed by the feet and then return to “Angry Gorilla” (heels down, hips low, arch the back and beat your chest). Sounds effects optiona
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